surviving the refining of fire to emerge as i was always meant to be.

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NE side of life, out in the country,, where the 4 seasons bring me to my knees, United States
standing still: to know God. to know the truth of my worth. to acknowledge self and others as unique and significant. to find and fulfill my purpose. to be ok with just being myself.

Monday, June 28, 2010

so i thot to revisit the blog....

i am definately in a different spot than i was last post! i went back to school to get a psychology counseling masters degree. i want to be a counselor. i have two more years to go.

i finished seeing my t about a month ago... insurance reasons.... i think i could use him still to keep me on track, but i also know in the end it is all about my own self keeping on keeping on. as with all of us, eh?